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Our products are introduced in these pages.


The traditional cultures inherited from ancient times have been seen in Japanese Kimono, obi, dyed fabrics..


Hossoge offers Japanese handmade crafts using special fabric made in japan and then  kimono, obi , dyed fabrics and which are mainly secondhand material inspiring new sense to meet our contemporary life style.


It is highlighted that our products are handmade by professional craftsmen whose products can be seen at the Japanese leading department stores.


It is delightful that you enjoy our sophisticated products made in Japan.


Representation and personal designer of Hossoge, Sayako Tade.


*Our product is made from handmade, a colored pattern differs

from one by one and be color-bleed or fade.

☆Causion of handling☆

~Cusion cover~


Do not wash at home and recommend dry cleaning.

Put other fabric on the top and do not press strongly

when ironed.Quick iron is recommended to avoid scuffing.


~Room Shoes~


In door use only, no use outside.

Do not wash, iron, dry cleaning.

Do not close to the stove or the heater, it may cause



~Handy phone cover~


Care must be taken wet, pressure, crashing may cause some


Can not gurantee any kind of the damages, poor movement,

extinction of data owing to handling of this product.

Do not use kind of the magnetic card toghether, it may cause damage in the phone due to magnetism storm.

~HAT ~

Do not wash , iron. REcommend dry cleanning or hand washing

with a sinthetic detergent. After taking the water with a dry towel,

dry it in the shade.



~Suede fabric ~

A hue varies according to a direction, a point of view to watch and sees it, but this is due to directionality of the feather and is not the thing by different colors.

Because fiber is very small, a feather may attach. This is not

discoloration. please be eliminated with adhesive tape.
Please comb with brush.


<All Product>

Care must be taken that embroidery and adorned portion may

scaratched and torn.

Moisture free during storage. It may safe to use a dehumidifier and keep it through a wind reserving it for long term.

The texture may be discolored by water and rubbing and easily

become astain by rubbing, water and sweat on the character of dyeing.

Due to the character of a silk material, strong rubbing may cause


Do not expose it to the direct sun rays to avoid sunburnt.